Boulevard of Light  and Heaven's Gate

Very Young  and Talented Artist Sinisa Matijevic

Very Young  and Talented Artist Sinisa Matijevic

All promotions of  Šaula's book Boulevard of Light (Bulevar Svetlosti)_are of a humanitarian character and intended for the development of culture and art, particularly among the young, talented artists. This time, funds raised will be directed to the Fund for the education of  young and very talented artist Siniša Matijević 's ,  the boy who lives very hard in one part of Croatia called Kordun that was inhabited mostly by Serbian population before the most recent war in Balkans .

Book was presented in ,  New JerseyNovi Sad , Toronto , Belgrade, Miami, St Petersburg FL.
in front of many intellectuals, book lovers, writers and poets that were recommending this novel to the public  with their articles and comments all over the internet.
At this page under the text you can view the comments book certainly deserved.
While we are expecting the same book translated in English soon, "Bulevar Svetlosti " that is written in Serbian Language you can buy here


Once I was dreaming about the heaven above. I expected to meet a lot of angels, however, everything was gaping with emptiness. I looked around to see the famous crib of God’s nursery, the space where we were made and given to the angels to transfer us to our mothers where we got started in order to be returned to heaven again, however, everything was deserted.

I became sad.

At that very moment one thought rolled downhill in my consciousness. The sun, where is the sun? I looked up and saw a light different from our known sunlight. I saw enormous sun rays filled with a lot of photons. Their appearance reminded me of angels. I heard a voice blue and low with a smile like a white cloud telling me that they’re artists. They make this world nicer so that they can charm anyone’s heart with the beauty sent down to the earth, they look for silence in the brightness and they work high above the sky.

This world of heaven’s boulevard only seen in dreams is weird. It is full of imagination, love and wishes.

With talented painters I am fascinated with the blue color, like the blue rock, sulfate, that moves the boundaries of natural laws. Perhaps it is the only natural blue color flowing in our blood completely imperceptible, unnoticed as we are only a drop of nature. Everything that is in one drop cannot be seen and recognized by an eye of an ordinary observer. Breath of life is blue. Dawn is blue and cock’s morning crows are blue. A part of that blue flows in our veins.
— Ilija Saula - Boulevard of Light

Heaven's gate -Soft pastel Painting, created by Maria Tanaskovic Papadopoulos in 2012

Heaven's gate -Soft pastel Painting, created by Maria Tanaskovic Papadopoulos in 2012

About the Book "Boulevard of Light" 

Boulevard of light is the title of a new book of Ilya Šaule, a brave leap into the world of prose into which Ilya Saul manages very well.
As I said: I Entered the sixth book in the sixth decade, less and less reasons to be forgiven.
The reader is reading and accompanying prose quotes about life, to relax to bring a new well formed thought to life.
 I look into my self and I ask my self ...
How long do we have the will and ability to dive into the world of which we carry in ourselves?
How much we have ourselves into ourselves?

When was the last time you, and did we ever dived  as deep in the depth of our feelings to  come out in clear views of the world around us?
I Ask questions and I am thinking, while I am going through pages Boulevard of light – Elias Šaule: how much Will is necessary  to build a Boulevard that is shining light on people (readers) that are passing by. How much Will is necessary to Think about life, in series of stories, by simple message in printed words that are worthy to stop us for a moment and to start to think deeper about everything that surround us. The book is written simply, like status updates on the social networks that are given to the public for reading and criticism, but these are placed in to a book full of sense. This book is enriched by the painting of Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos that is caring the title "Heaven's Gate". The painting is not chosen by chance but very carefully, in order to complete and explain the meaning of the novel and its special message. So that all the thinking is one Light beam , the beam of Light that is asking a very rare question in this times of developed technology. Ilija is opening him self, to him self and this way he is building a line of thing that he can continue if he wants  , but he cannot stop them. This is the deep thinking of a man that is giving the relief to him self in the conversation with him self to explain all the past and future events.
The book is talking about wisdom in the beginning but at the end it is talking about friendship .These two life secrets are connected with love which makes sense of everything. 

The book begins with your thinking about wisdom and ends with your thinking about friendship. In the midst of two of life's mysteries is the love that unites and gives meaning to. Wisdom is to live life, wisdom is in this life to gain friends, wisdom is to preserve the friendship in spite of all the attacks of time in life. Let's love! The love that is given to never run dry, it's like a river that nourishes and gives life. But, to be, and to be able to Be love, we must love at first feel and awaken in ourselves. It's a portion of that arises the Web where Ilya Saul builds its Boulevard. From each thought that frees  up highlights of your blue hopes that are going to be released, while he is  actually knowing, one can achieve whatever he wants, as long as there is enough love and goodwill to their intention. Man must feel love towards himself, love himself, to be able to love other people by seeing himself in their eyes.

through a Boulevard of light he  lists his thoughts, questions and hopes for answers, I love when I get the answer now, he says, because he knows that he doesn't need  to rush. That patience seems life who turned to nature and its secrets. We are on the line of life, a cosmic station through which the line passes, we get if we have regard for our needs and feelings, with respect we hold and the people we care about.

Friendship. Can there be a wisdom and friendship if not love? Can there be life without those three basic signs of human consciousness? Wisdom, Friendship and Love, three words for me represent the treasure  and Ilya Saul in the clothing of our feelings. He says: "When I was a kid I was hiding a treasure, and now here I became the keeper of words. Words, remain and endure as sparky as the last page read Boulevard (s) of light. I'm leaving, hoping to return soon and hang out under bright, Boulevard with God's plans about our  lives, that Elijah Saul selfless, friendly to share with readers.

Branka Zeng,
Saturday nights,
in Pancevo, 4. 3.2017.


The mark of life stays from birth on. We carry stuff with us all our life, especially those that mean something to us. This lasts until the moment when this stuff becomes a burden which makes us yield. Even then man does not surrender but continues on the path still unknown to us.
Who are old men who do not die from the ancient times till the end of the world? But even then they do not die they, stay to create new worlds. They only quit when down and intervene as generators of a new dawn.
How do I know what wise men thought of? When wisdom was taught at school I was absent that day, I was somewhere where I was full of joy.

Maybe I made a mistake not recognizing the boundaries between good and evil. I always thought it’s the same territory, but in really it is divided as life and death are.
Weird stories were told in my village in Kordun, where I grew up. Even today, some of them take me to the end of world in order to discover their meaning.
The oldest wise man in my village, one of the immortals, told me that the Earth is alive and has only one eye capable of seeing everywhere both height and depth.
He told me – if we were that eye we would ride through space as in a taxi, we would travel along the endless road and we would be immortal. Whenever the eye blinks – the world becomes dark. I asked how is it possible that he lived so long and he answered, “Oh, I live on the other side of the eye on the watchtower! There is no God’s nursery there, there are no unfulfilled wishes. But Man is poorer for not having wishes, nothing to hope for, nothing to dream about as everything has been fulfilled.” He looked in the sky and winked to the falling star
— Ilija Saula - Boulevard of Light


People have the same dreams, fears, and worries on all meridians, but the most important thing is that people are good everywhere and that they are willing to help each other. This is the truth of this world known to every single traveler.
Some people live only one step, but that one step is enough to take them to eternity.
Peace. Let it be peace. Let’s wish peace, that beautiful butterfly that’s bringing us all the joy. Oh, how nice peace is when we postpone our dreams and we hide in peacefulness to dream about peace.
Peace is what we have to spread around. It is difficult to find inner peace capable of winning over any evil in humans and that is more than enough for ones well-being. The peace that we need, can only be found within us. Do not look for love, happiness, and joy in others, but share that with others.
Life taught that. I felt it many times in life and I did not let myself turn back to anyone. I was honored to protect my friends’ backs and I did that so well that I was much more courageous in every act that life put before me.
— Novel "Boulevard of Light" by Ilija Saula