Lets Find out more about creation process

Learning how to create art is like learning a new path to life. Therapeutic side of creation is hidden in its process. The knowledge that you will absorbed that way is undividable part of your experience, it becomes your skill, your power, your new  point of view where you will benefit as a person liberated from the weight of senselessness and sorrow. Learning how to draw, paint or sculpture is not only the way how to spend your time wisely, but a new communication approach that brings you  to your inner strength, which is a real treasure that is opening in front of your eyes as you get to know your self better and your world that you carry inside.

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Lets Talk about Science and Art


Today's science is more than ever approaching to the concept of understanding the law in nature by exploring the quantum world and the phenomenon of  particle. The Electromagnetic waves is everything that is surrounding us. This was proven by Nikola Tesla and later confirmed by new scientific discoveries in this field. The Art is following this path as we are becoming more aware of the influence of colors , shapes in our environment. The alphabet of art was proving that the subject of harmony is a perception of beauty by the human brain. Humans are different that animals by having the ability to understand and create symbols.  As a matter of fact, the perception of beauty nd harmony has even wider specter . Because harmony as the way of living exists as a feelings among animals and children , as well. It is completely natural to feel what is beautiful and what is not. Perception and idea of  the harmony is the reason for creating the symbols in art. Symbols are created and understood by humans because have stringer reasoning power. What ever has the aesthetic quality could be explained by understanding how we "notice and embrace" that moment of harmony by our minds , which is the beauty that we can see, feel, touch, listen, read and the most important of all to understand.

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