Future Exhibitions

  • April 2018 South Korea “Visible Poetry connecting the world. Paintings created and inspired by the Poetry of Taro Aizu. Curated by Yoo Chong Yeul and Other member of the comity.

  • Jun/ Jul 2018 Gallery in Belgrade “Dunav Osiguranje” ; Makedonska 4 , Beograd

    Two connected exhibitions of two artists: Figurative Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos and Abstract Artist Danijela Odabasic  that are following the same idea: Translation of the abstract subjects present in the art pieces, into the real world. The real reflection of the artworks one on another, and the radiation of their meanings in the world is the subject of this exhibition. The meanings were building art and changing it through time since always, bringing the new styles known  in history of art. The ongoing process is still present. The artwork is not changing its shape but their meanings are underlining the change from inside the observer’s perception in understanding the color, composition and  the message of the artworks that are reflecting into each other. The art
  • organization that is presenting this exhibition has the title “White Light”