Haegeumgang Theme Museum in South Korea 2016



Permanent exhibition

Certificates about proficiency in the skill of fine art painting were  given to artist selected byChairman of International Culture and Art Federation in South Korea yu Cheon -up;  together with the certificates of participation given by Yu Kung Art director Kyung Myung -ja Yu Cheon-up, special committee in South Korea.  The exhibition that will stay permanently in the museum. the Exhibition was invitation in membership f ICAF -  Haegeumgang Theme museum

Permanently kept in Haegeumgang Theme museum in South Korea.  "Eye of the Sky "  50x35 cm /  20x 12 in

eye of the sky1.jpg

Special thank to Yoo Chong Yeul a famous South Korean Artist, who was generously helping the organization bu informing everybody though social media about importance of this exhibition. Environment, Human Coexistence.


draw enviroment with art.jpg