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The price of Computer Graphic depends of file size and original idea .

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Graphic Design Chicago

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Maria Tana Designs The Graphic Design Chicago firm is creating web sites , logos, brochures, covers, placates, illustrations in Computer programs like Dreamweaver, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photo Shop. Web sites include the developing of your links and basic optimization that will always benefit your searches. Original Ideas for Original design from very experienced fine artist and Graphic Designer Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulous.

Graphic Designer Oak Brook

The Graphic Design Chicago in a Graphic Design Oak Brook firm that is located in western suburbes of Chicago. It produces top quality Graphic for Printing purposes and for Internet . If you need a complete web site design, development and optimization:

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location : Oak Brook

Our option doesn't not include SEO but we can guarantee that you will be found on Google within a month .You can always increase visibility by adding visits yo to your web site through social media. Social media buttons will be included in design, as well.

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About Artist Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos
News: Exhibitions, Articles, Awards, Books, Lectures, Presentations
Contact Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos
Sculpturing - Table Top Teracotta Miniatures - Subject: Slavic and Greek Mithology, Legends
Paintings: Oil on Canvas , Acrilics, Water Colors
Pastels: Charcoal on paper - Surealistic
Photographs - Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos
Illustrations - Marija Tanaskovic papadopoulos
Drawings: Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos
Graphic design -Idea Finalised in Adobe Photo Shop Program and Adobe illustrator
If You want tpo order a new artwork please contact the artist