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Sculpturing Chicago: Artist
Table top size miniatures
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Apolon - 2009
Hunting Artemida 2009
Eva With an Apple - 2004
Lovers -2004
Griphon - 2004
Nude 2004(sold)
Meditation 2004(sold)
Sphinx - 2004
Artemida and Akteon - 2004
Psychy - 2004
Eros - 2004
Adam and Eve - 2009
Pandora 2012
Unichorn 2004
Adam 2004
Lady 2005
Two Ninmfs 2004
Lady and the Peackok 2004
Driada 2004
Victory 2009
Unichorn 2010
Pegazos 2010
Slava 2011 Selected for
Florence Bienale 2011
Leda and The Swan
Serbona 2011
Selected for Florence Bienale 2011
Hors 2011
Selected for Florence Bienale 2011
Afrodity 2004



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Sculpturing - Table Top Teracotta Miniatures - Subject: Slavic and Greek Mithology, Legends
Paintings: Oil on Canvas , Acrilics, Water Colors
Pastels: Charcoal on paper - Surealistic
Photographs - Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos
Illustrations - Marija Tanaskovic papadopoulos
Drawings: Marija Tanaskovic-Papadopoulos
Graphic design -Idea Finalised in Adobe Photo Shop Program and Adobe illustrator
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