New York Arts Magazin - Artist of the Year 2010
Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos
curated by Abraham Lubelski and Basak Malone - Broadway gallery New York
The Editon of the magazine New York Arts showed the International guide to the internet that presented this artist as one of those with the most populular art web sitest in the world for 2010.
The presetation going on for one whole year on the magazin's website first page.

Artwork presented in the magazine is Oil On Canvas called "Sunset" or "Rapsody in Violet" - Marija Tanaskoivc Papadopouos,
The limited eddition print on metal #1 is avaliable for sale in Galery Acquvistions of Fine Art in Hinsdale IL- Artist Approved.
For Geclee prints and any new prints on metal call the artist