New York Art Expo 2016 Photography, Paintings and Sculpture
by one Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos
in SOLO Booth #S517
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Oscar Academy Award Best Artists

Oscar Academy Awards Best Artists of the Year by foundation Constanza. Awarded artist selected by Eye of Critics as those who gave contribution to cinematography with their original fine art production. Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos is one of the visual Artists that has significant influence on contemporary art today where the cinematography belongs, as well. This is the recognition that says more about the critical reasoning as the public recognition and the document. Critical reasoning as the reason why she was selected is: For the valuable and original technique and constant presence in the art world."
Selection sealed by Critics Dr. Alessandro Costanza and Marjory Stefani Perturcci - Mary Costanza

Here you can read more critics written by Alessandro Costanza about The Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

Oscar Academy Awards

One of the winners of one the most valuable award in the world of art:
Oscar Academy Awards was present this years New York Art Expo.
This Oscar is the special one because it is dedicated to The Best Artists of the Year 2016. 

To buy art from Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos contact her directly at
+(US) 630 272 4130 from 9.30 am to 9.30 pm central time, or send her an email
Avaliable are the originals, prints on paper, canvas, and metal.
Original teracotta tabel top size sculptures, are avaliable, as well.

New York Art Expo

New York Art Expo Photography 2016 - in SOLO Booth #S517

Exhibition in 2016 Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos, one of the world's best contemporary artists od mulitimedia, selected by international critics, took place S517 at New York Art expo for 2016. This year she has the opportunity
to show you exhibition of photography togather with paintings abd sculpture at the great New York Art Show.

This was her thrid time at New York Art Expo.
First two times she was presenting her mulitimedial skills of
Sculpturing, Painting, Pastels and Illustrations.
However, in 2016 she tohether with her painting and scultpuring piees of art showed new series of Photography.
under the name "Portrait in the MIrror"in addition to Paintings printed on metal and few sculptures. On this page you can view part of her exhibition that is going to be presented at New York Art Expo.

Portrait in the mirror 2004

Marija was born in Belgrade/ Serbia in 1976 where she graduated at the University of fine Arts in 2001 as a Sculptor. Since 2004 she lives in Chicago, where she is working in art studio as a fine artist and as a graphic and web designer, too.
She adjusted her talent to many different materials. Marija is sculpturing pieces in terracotta, She is using also 3D design programs for sculpturing,
she is painting oil on canvas, pastels and water colors.
She is illustrator and a Photographer, as well.
Marija received many important awards and recognitions for her art,
which makes her an internationally recognized artist.

Important Exhibitions:
  • She had important group exhibition In Serbia/Belgrade - MENSA photo Cup 2004, curated By film director Emir Kustirica, Serbian writer and photographer and illustrator Uros Petrovic, and many others important individuals in Countries cultural life.
  • Florence biennial 2011 in Italy, and several important exhibitions in USA:
  • New York - Broadway gallery 2009 and
  • New York Art Expo [SOLO] 2014;
  • Art Expo New York [SOLO] 2015;
  • Art Expo New York [SOLO] 2016
  • Chicago - River East Art Center 2010;
  • Las Vegas-Southern Nevada Museum of Contemporary Art 2011; 
  • Miami - Red Dot Art Fair 2013.     
  • 2014 Palermo - WUNDERCAMMER (The rooms of miracle ) - 50 selected artists - following exhibition of Palermo biennial
  • Summer 2015 -SOLO exhibition in Gallery Acquisitions in Hinsdale, IL

    Portai in the miror on the road 2016


    looking through the Beer Glass

    Portrait in the mirror 2014

    Portrait in the mirror 2016

    Chciago with 99


    My Jard

    Sweet Selfie - oh No !

    Jailed Selfie - looking for the (sense) beat

This artist was noticed by some of the most eminent critics and artists in the world that were giving her the highest grades for the quality of her artwork. This is what made a huge influence on her carrier. In the eantime her art as published in many prestige magazines and books.

he Most Important Publications are:


  • International Contemporary Masters Book #3 2011 that presented the Art of Museum Quality,
    clck here for more info

  • and another book "Important artists of the world" , that published her artwork pastel "Bridge" at the cover page in 2012, both written by Despina Tunberg click here for more info

  • New York Arts Magazine 2010 that showed her web site as the one the most popular Artist web sites in the world. Here for she was presented in magazine International guide to the internet 2010,
    by Basak Malone and Abraham Lubelski.
    click here fo more info

  • ATIM Top 60 Contemporary masters 2013, Art Tour International magazine and their blog posts 2103 and interviews recorded and showed on YouTube and on their ATIM TV channel. The catalog was gathering artist approve by critics of USA, Canada , Italy and Latino America. These Art catalogs were curated by Viviana Puelo. click here for more info

  • Effeto Arte Magazine several times wrote a critics review, which included a cover page presentation in September 2014 artwork "Portrait in The Mirror" from 2004. There was also critic review of Sandro Seradifalco in Effeto Arte magazine that placed this artist among "Artist Stars" and "Great Masters" section.
    click here for more info

  • Article about "The Best Contemporary and Modern Artists in 2014", which included critics about her artwork, and the most recent book that mentioned and analyzed the best artists from the last and at the beginning of 21 century
    “ THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY MASTERS 2014”by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo that compares works of today’s masters as the continuation of masters from previous century like Picasso, Mondrian, Rothko...etc .., also, included her work into the group of deserving artists.
    click here for more info

  • Also THE BEST MODERN AND CONTEMPORARY MASTERS 2015 with the presentation in Dundas Gallery in Edinburg will be even more complete lexicon of The Best Contemporary Masters of today. click here for more info

  • Among award on of the most important was the APOLLO Award as High Recognition from the world of Art, Science and Culture for showing with her choices, interpretive strategies applied to the contemporary art; she received for painting, sculpturing and photography and, also, Francesco di Assisi Award for human rights in 2014.  The reception and public recognition took place in December 2013 at the Italian Ancient Theatre " G. Paisiello "of Lecce,where she was recognized as one of the world’s most important individuals in Art and Culture today. This artist also received many recognitions from critics in Italy, Canada and the USA. click here for more info

  • in March 2015 very important award she received is “Boticelli award” for art merit and originallity of expression. click here for more info

  •  "Art Genius" a publication of Effeto Arte , where artists were selected by Dott. Salvatore Russo include my work "The Dream Of Shangri la".
    click here for more info

  • In October 2015 Marco Polo - Art Ambassador Award, is one of the most important awards for an artist because the most important people in the world art and culture is a selected group of individuals that receive the award. The presentation was in gorgeous Palace Marin in Venice. Curated by Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo .click here for more info

  • 2015 Michelangelo Award - Jubilee is also one of the  most important, Presentation will be in palace Cardinal Ceci in Rome that is 100 meters away for Vatican St Peter's Basilica where is the actual place for the jubilee. The place of the presentation is far just 100mt from Vatican Museums, Sistine Chapel and St. Peter’s Basilica, where during the same days will take place the Jubilee. The Palace has hosted important men of culture, including: the New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, the President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto and important Ambassadors from around the world. The prize is given to those artists who has been chosen by Mr. Salvatore Russo and Francesco Saverio Russo.   
    click here for more info

  • In December 2015 NOTO award - Is the Award of city of Noto which exsit in Sicily and it is a UNESCO heritage.     In the museum of NOTO between imporatn peole of politic and culture UNESCO representatives will be present to honnor the artist receivng the award. Exhibition will follow click here for more info

  • Leonardo Da Vinci award as the crown of the of the beautiful and successful year will come in January 2016. Very important for an Artist. Critics says is maybe the most important one. The presentation will be held in the hart of Florence in. The prize is given to those artists who has been chosen by Dott  Salvatore Russo and Dott. Francesco Saverio Russo.
    click here for more info

  • ACCADEMIA ITALIA IN ARTE NEL MONDO ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURALE is awarding Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos for her Artistic Merit by international award The David of Bernini in 2015" and the special prize for Human Rights in 2015 Tribute to "Anne Frank"
    click here for more info 

  • International Prize Tiepolo - Arte Milano. Milano Art at April 21th, 2016, inside theClerici Palace at Headquaters of the auction house Christie's in Milano for Art Auction. click here to read more

  • 2016 ACCADEMIA ITALIA IN ARTE NEL MONDO - ASSOCIAZIONE CULTURA is the International Art Award The Minerva in 2016 the godess of all arts

  • Oscar Academy Awards for the best Artist in honnor of cinematography by Foundation Constanza

  • XXI Century Art Book
    and Sheakspire award

  • Permanent Exposition in museum Haegeumgag theme museum about Nature, Enviroment, Human, Coexsistance, Eye of the Sky

  • Permantent Exposition in
    Europe Art museum in Denmark

  • International Award from Southern Corea"s
    The 17th Incheon Metropolitan City Art Exhibition
    Winner list:
    artwork "Deep Dive"

  • Golden Palm of Monte Carlo - Art Expo Gallery Award

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Illustration of Greek Mythology for big and small Childern and for those who say children forwer.

Demetra and Persephone


Apple of Division


Europe and Poseidon

Orpheus and Euridica

Theseus and Minotaur

Gea and Her Children

Try Horse

Uranus and Gea (Sky and Earth)

Victory of Zeus, Had and Poseidon over Kron

Death of King Aegeus

Oscar Academy Award is given to the individuals who gave significant contribution to the cinematography . This Oscar is given to the artists who created the fine art pieces, which influenced many professionals in the art world. Thanks to these artworks they made even more valuable pieces of cinema art. Selection of Painters, Photographers, Sculptors, Poets and others Artists is done by Art Critics and Historian Dr. Alessandro Costanza.
Among Artists that won The Oscar academy Award Best Artists recondition is Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos, as well.

The big even in honor of Oscar Academy Award for the Best Artists happened
Hotel Nettuno Catania Sicily - Italy 27 October 2016 start at 16:3 The Event Academy Awards Oscar - Best Artists of the year 2016. is honor of Cinematography was by Costanza Foundation and the company "The Eye of the Critic" By Dr Alessandro Costanza, art critic and historian, author of more than 85 contemporary art history books. Foundation Costanza, World Directory of Artists, European Federation of artistic and cultural heritage of Caltanissetta. and Art Reputable Criticts Mary Constanza (Marjory Stefani

Event was very nicley orginized here
Hotell Nettuno - Catnia - Sicily

"Bridge " pastel on Paper
Southern Nevada Museum
of Conetmprayr arts in las Vegas
10x 10 inches created in 2002"

Apolon 2009

"Meditation" 2002 Pastel on papaer 18x 13 inches
With the farme dimentions are larger
Avaialbe as a print also

sunset 2004

serbona teracota 2011

Peace beam 2013


Phoenix 2002

Eros -terracota 2004

Heavens Gate 2013

Soiul of the bird 2009

Slava- Slavic Winged Godess with a sword -
Godess of Glory

Serching for the source 2002 orginal pastel 18x 13 inces With the farme dimentions are larger
Avaialbe as a print also

Me that Wolf 2015

Thinking about Her Slef painting

Deep Dive - Awarded on 17th Inceheon Ar Exhibitionin
South Corea

Eye of the Sky - Permanet exhibiton in Southern Corean Haegeumgag theme museum about Nature, Enviroment, Human, Coexsistance