Famous Artwork

Dreaming her Self Painting by Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos
in Marco Polo Award Catalog

Marco Polo - Art Ambassador
Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos

Marija Tanaskovic  Papadopoulos -  Maria Tana Designs
Marco Polo Artist Amabasador Award.
Palace Marin in Venice

Marco Polo Art Ambassador Award for Maria Tana Designs 

Recognition for the most important in Arts and Culture

Among them is Serbian American Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos
 who received the award for her famous artwork:" Dreaming Her Self Painting".

The event happened on September 25th  2015 in Venice,
in gorgeous Palace Marin.

 Art of Marija Tanaskoivc Papadopoulos is representing 
Serbia and United States of America

Maria Tana Designs Recognition is The Most Important in Arts and Culture

Internationally recognized and multiply awarded Artist Marija Tanaskovic Papadopoulos is
presenting Serbia and United States of America with her "Dreaming Her Self painting"
that is presented in the catalog. 
Event is curated by stars of world art critics
Dott Salvatore Russo and Dott Francesco Saverio Russo.
The organization was also supported by EA editore team Directors:
Sandro Serradifalco and Paulo Levi

Selection of artists :